We welcome you to apply to N-TECH by mailing the following to the address on the application:

  • Membership Application
  • Application fee ($75)
  • Arbitration Agreement
  • Background Check
  • Doctrinal/Denominational Statement

Upon receipt, the director of N-TECH will hold the application (and the uncashed check) until there is an opening for the upcoming semester. At that time, the director of N-TECH will telephone you to complete a telephone interview, and possibly, to extend you an invitation to
join us. You may accept the invitation or ask that your application be held until the following semester. All new families should expect to be added to the cleaning team.

When you accept the offer to join us for the next semester, we will then process your application and deposit your application payment. Your payment will not be deposited until:

  • You have been offered a spot for the next semester and
  • You have accepted that spot as a member of N-TECH.

Once you have committed to join our group for the following semester, then you are considered a member of N-TECH, and any withdrawal from the group before the final day of classes of that upcoming semester will result in the following consequences:

  • You will not be permitted to reapply to join N-TECH for two years.
  • You will forfeit both your application fee and your class fees*

*If it happens that you withdraw from N-TECH membership before we have registered for upcoming classes, then the class fees will not be due. Once you have registered your children for specific classes in the upcoming semester of N-TECH, then those fees are due and payable— regardless of whether your children attend the classes or not.

It occasionally happens that families need to withdraw from N-TECH after completing a full semester. If that is the case, then do not reapply for the next semester of classes when reapplication is held. You would be welcome to return to N-TECH at any time later by mailing your application to the address listed on the application.

Shortly after your acceptance of our offer for membership, you will receive an instructional email about class registration. The registration process must be completed in the allotted time. Be sure to register yourself and all of your children who will be present at N-TECH.

Why do we have such strict admission rules?

The longevity of N-TECH and the positive impact it has on families’ lives is due to the grace of God and the hard and selfless work of all of our volunteer parents. Having families drop out after registration causes holes in our organization and causes a strain on the rest of the group.

Our goal is to enrich the lives of homeschoolers, not to cause stress. For instance, if you withdraw from N-TECH before or during the semester, then your jobs (as class assistant, cleaner, set-up person, and/or teacher) will remain open for the next semester. If you are scheduled to teach a class, then that class will be canceled or taught by another mom. If you are scheduled as a cleaner or a set-up person, then our cleaning team or set-up crew will be short one person for the entire ten week semester. The cleaning team and set-up crew should not be penalized by having to do more than their share of work because of your absence. N-TECH students should not be penalized by having their class canceled at the last minute because of your absence.

Regarding class fees:

Immediately following class registration for the upcoming semester, teachers receive a head count of the number of students that will be in their class. The teacher begins to prepare for activities for the students and will start shopping for student supplies with that specific head count in mind. If you withdraw your child from the class at any time after registration, the teacher would then be “stuck” to cover the class supplies of your student from her personal money. To avoid this type of financial risk for our unpaid, volunteer teachers, N-TECH leadership commits to N-TECH teachers that he/she will receive the money for the original head count conveyed to him/her. Therefore, you must pay your class fees whether your child attends the classes or not. Our financial records are always open for public review should you have any questions.

Regarding application fees:
God has abundantly blessed N-TECH as it strives to enrich the lives of its member families. We do our part by being good stewards of our monies and by making sure that our teachers and parents are all holding up their end of their responsibilities. No one in N-TECH receives any compensation for his/her services. Application fees are used strictly to pay for rent and other overhead expenses. Any extra money received from class fees or from fundraising events will go to cover other expenses, purchase needed supplies and equipment, or to scholarship member families who have experienced job loss or other serious financial crisis.

In summary:
We have strict admission procedures to protect our families from unexpected financial or time loss. We developed these policies to try to avoid as many unexpected last minute changes as possible. Unexpected crises or changes may occur and will be beyond anyone’s control. However, because of those uncontrollable events, we try to minimize the controllable interruptions as much as possible. N-TECH operates with a conservative management style in both time management and financial management to assure that N-TECH will be available for the next generation of homeschoolers in the North Texas area.

Please pray, read this entire document, and seriously consider your ability to fulfill your commitment to N-TECH before accepting our invitation to join our membership.